Who is JEL Alumni ?

We are a network of young individuals inspiring each other and aspiring to achieve more!

JEL Alumni was founded in 2015, having in mind as its main goal to bring back together all the alumni who participated in various programmes organised by Jonk Entrepreneuren asbl. 

After finishing a programme, many students are still very intrigued by what it means to be an entrepreneur, how to start a business, or even have an idea which they want to become reality; but don’t know where to start, who to ask or how to fund it. 

This is why JEL Alumni exists. We want to connect individuals with each other, help them make their dreams come true, and give them a unique opportunity to attend national and international events where they can easily connect with major decision makers and find the help or the co-founder they were always looking for.


Have an idea or need help with your Mini-Entreprise? – We can help!


Get to meet people all over the world on the international Alumni conferences, and build your network!

Get inspired

Learn about the current hot topics in many different business niches – Get inspired to try out new things!

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Meet the JEL Alumni Board!

Our super duper versatile team consists of 4 highly motivated individuals! Each one of us has either volunteered or taken part at the Mini-Entreprise programme or the Young Enterprise Project, and has successfully completed it.

That’s why we think we are the perfect place for you to go to if you have any questions regarding your project! Let us help you succeed. 

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